How to use google shopping campaigns for advertіsing a service business

17 February 2020
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google shopping for service companies

Google shopping campaigns, which Google presented a few years ago, already bring up to 70% of the total structure of contextual advertising in the U.S. and European markets. This type of Kazakhstan came to Ukraine only in the second half of 2018. During this time, trade advertising campaigns have actively gained momentum and in terms of product niches have already bypassed the efficiency of search and media advertising.

Rapid growth of presence in shopping campaigns for some niches on the one hand, is constrained by strict rules of Google Ads for products that can be advertised, and on the other hand, this type of RK requires that sites and data feeds that are downloaded from a site in Google Merchant Center meet certain requirements. The main rule is to participate in the program of real products with clear content, price, description and availability. Such a product can be sent by a delivery service or courier, it can be returned or exchanged. To do this, the website with the goods must clearly indicate the requirements for delivery, return and payment. Be sure to be able to pay for goods online through the site.

Shopping campaigns are created for online retailers of physical goods and work well there, especially in Ukraine, where rates in the auctions are not yet high and the price of attracting the buyer can be 30-50% lower than in the traditional search engine.

The service business usually cannot use Google shopping for direct advertising of services. Attracting a customer can only be associated through the sale of some related goods supplied with the service. 

To help these businesses harness the power of shopping campaigns, the Web-Happy Studio team has developed a content optimization strategy for business sites that provide various services. We will tell you how to transform services into products and bring them to the shopping campaigns. This allows the service business to launch shopping campaigns for sell services.

We help to launch google shopping campaigns for most types of service businesses: education services (courses, lectures, seminars, conferences), home services (calling plumbers, electricians, home craftsmen), transportation services (tow trucks, cargo), leisure activities (quest rooms, concerts), tourism (tours, trips), photography and videographers.

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