How To Efficiently Use the Call-Only Advertising Campaign For Online Stores

28 November 2019
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Call-Only is a type of advertising campaign from Google Ads with a "hot" button to call. Allows the client to contact the advertiser without additional transition to the site. Works only on mobile devices that support phone calls.


Call-Only is ideal for advertising services and services that require a quick solution of the problem. The most widespread cases – a call of the wrecker, a taxi order, consultation of the lawyer or a call of the house master.

At the same time, this type of Google Ads campaign is rarely found in advertising online stores, which in our opinion is not quite deserved. After all, visitors who really need a call to consult on the product are among the most promising buyers.

So, what do you need to do to Call-Only increased the number of telephone calls from potential customers to the online store.

Nuances of setting up an advertising campaign

Creating an advertising campaign for calls to Google Ads has its own peculiarities related to the choice of the purpose and type of campaign, as well as certain limitations in the preparation of ads.

In order to create a call-only advertising campaign you need to go to your advertising office, click in the side menu of the Campaign and add a new one. The goal is to select Potential clients, the campaign type is Search Network, and the way to achieve the goal is Phone calls. After that it is necessary to choose the country with the target audience and enter the phone number to which potential clients will call. The phone number must be valid for the country where these announcements will be shown. Otherwise, it will not be moderated and the ad will be rejected. You can also add a phone number for each ad separately at the stage of their preparation.

The next step is the general campaign settings. It is necessary to enter its name, to choose the country or regions in which the advertisement will be shown, to decide on the daily budget and bids.

In addition, at the level of the campaign you can add extensions, but it should be borne in mind that they will be shown rarely because of the impossibility to place a large amount of information in this format of announcements.

Create ads Call-Only campaigns for online stores

Opportunities of ads for this type of campaigns are not as big as for standard search campaigns.

Now you can create 2 titles with the length of 30 characters each, 2 lines of description, the first 25 characters, the second – 90 characters, to enter the name of the company and url site.

Despite the presence of several headings, 2 fields for description and the ability to add extensions to the ads, in fact, when shown in the search results, Google is limited only to the phone number, first title, a short description, company name and site address. Other data will be displayed mainly on tablets, which have a large screen size and all the information from the ad can be displayed. Therefore, the main task in the preparation of ads for telephone campaigns is to create a catching first title, which will attract the attention of the visitor.

The best thing in the call-only for online stores work such templates of the first title:

  • We will pick up the best [name of the goods]

  • Advise on the best of [product name]

  • We'll tell you what's best for [product name]

  • Expert advice on [product name]

  • Best advice on [product name]

  • Select the best [product name] for [product purpose]

  • Choose the best [product name] for [product purpose]

Arrange to receive calls at the online store

All efforts to set up telephone advertising campaigns can be worthless without the proper organization of the process of receiving and processing calls.

In the case of a telephone advertisement, the customer wants to receive qualified advice immediately during the conversation.

For this purpose we recommend to follow 2 basic rules:

  • Waiting for an answer should be no more than 15-20 seconds, not to mention the missed calls and the subsequent call-back.

  • The calls should be taken by a sales person who understands the product at the expert level, and not by an ordinary telephone operator.

If there is a large flow of calls, the phone numbers participating in the ads must be connected to a virtual PBX. This will reduce the burden on salespeople and minimize the number of calls lost.

Schedule settings for ads

Important setting of the Call-Only campaign is the schedule of ads displaying.

For most online stores that do not have their own call center, which operates in 24/7 mode, it will be a standard working time, when a sales specialist will be able to take a call. We emphasize that it is the expert who should take the call, not the usual telephone operator.

Settings the schedule of the telephone announcement need in section Google Ads – Schedule of display of announcements.

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Effectiveness of the Call-Only campaign

You should understand that not all clicks on this type of advertisement lead to a call. In this case, the system Google Ads will withdraw money from the advertising account, regardless of whether there was a real phone call or not.

A good indicator for this type of campaign is considered to be the conversion into calls at the level of 70-80%. You can impact it by making the right first title and description in the ad, as well as selecting key phrases and words, which will be shown the ad. If more relevant will be the ads, the higher is the telephone conversion.  We recommend to use phrase or exact mapping for keywords. Do not forget about the list of minus words.

To track the effectiveness of the Call-Only campaign, it is better to use a separate phone number, and if the campaign contains several groups of announcements, then separate numbers for each group or announcement. In this case, you can track the conversion to real calls from each ad and identify the most effective ones.

How to improve your Call-Only advertising campaign

Despite the fact that not all clicks on the phone ad lead to calls, visitors who clicked, but did not call back can be returned with the help of remarketing.

To do this, it is necessary to create a special audience in Google Ads on intentions, where as a criterion to include the requests of these users in Google on which they went to the Call-Only campaign. Then create a separate advertising remarketing campaign and add this audience to it.

Which online stores are not appropriate for Call-Only

Of course, this company is not the ideal tool for all types of online stores, which helps to increase the number of calls.

If the online store sells simple products that do not require any clarification on the size, characteristics or other features, and most conversions end up ordering through a basket, then Call-Only will not bring the desired effect and you need to focus on other types of ads.


We at Web-Happy Studio have experience of successful use and setup of Call-Only advertising campaigns for online stores, which allowed our customers to increase the number of phone calls from potential buyers by 20-30%.

Do you want like it? Contact us!

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